Umbrella premiered at the Clinton Street Theater in Portland, OR. It was an honor to have it be part of the centerpiece event. It was in well esteemed company of favorite media artists/filmmakers/ friends like Peggy Ahwesh, Hooliganship, The TM Sisters & Katya Straub. 

It was intensely exciting & I feel great relief that it is out in the world. 

I feel so grateful to all the people that helped me to make it & I feel very grateful to the people who took the time with me on Saturday night to tell me about your experiences in watching the piece. You literally validated a year and a half’s worth of my life.




Cat Tyc 





The two things pressing most on my mind lately have been enormous feelings of gratitude towards wonderful friends (new & old) that stepped up to make the shoot happen over Labor Day weekend.

The other thing is Sarah Palin. On the first day of shooting “Umbrella”, McCain announced her as his Vice-President nominee & NPR was all abuzz about it. It was ridiculously hot, I was driving around downtown in this huge production van without air conditioning and I just listened to all this back and forth about how this Pro-Life  fundamentalist was supposed to speak for American women everywhere. Of course, since then, both men and women have spoken up to state specifically how untrue that is but that day, the sexism of this decision really grated me and ever since then, I have been really frightened by what this decision means.

Of course, it makes total sense that the party would throw this ‘token female’ card onto the table just one day after Barack Obama announces his acceptance of the presidental nomination but its just so insulting that the Republican party would think this would be enough to influence the minds of voters, and then the scariest thing is that it just might.

After the last 40 years of what has happened in this country alone, one would think that the national consciousness would be more astute, more aware of the ramifications of how things would be if Roe v. Wade and other established dictates were overturned. Sometimes it just feels like there is an amnesia that has taken over our nation.

That’s pretty much where I’ll stop and get off of the soapbox because this film is not going to go there.

My main point is that current events are what move me to explore how they are affecting humans specifically. I was strongly reminded of this the weekend we were shooting.

It felt easier to explore this experience at its most abstract without any black and white moralistic context. I have been told that my ideas or maybe they meant just this one in particular were ‘too far in my head’ and maybe that will end up being true.

Instinctually, this felt like the way to go to explore the theories I have been thinking about regarding this issue in particular and am looking forward to the editing process to flesh them out.

And that’s pretty much where I am at with the process right now.

  • We are 3 weeks from shooting……and I am feeling pretty psyched.

Yesterday, a filmmaker friend dropped by to say hi & she asked me how it was going and I babbled on about how money was a concern which in retrospect, was valid but totally lame. I mean, that’s just the way of filmmaking and what I really should have said is that I am so excited because I feel so ready to shoot this thing.

Earlier this month, I received a Project grant from the OMPA (Oregon Media Production Alliance) which has been really helpful in allowing us to begin pre-production (primarily in the Wardrobe Dept.) but we still help on that front so if you are at all interested in contributing, please check out the ‘contribute’ page so you can see how you can help us more.

The base reality of where we are right now is this….I have a wonderful crew on board, super talented actors in the cast, and I am floored by the generosity that has already been expressed in helping pull this project together.

Of course, there is always more that can be done but going back to the ways of filmmaking process, that’s just par for course.

If you are even reading this far, thank you so much for your interest.

I really can’t wait until we start shooting and it really couldn’t be done without your support and kind words and donations whether it be monetary, or with your time or with items/equipment that you are lending us.
WE ARE LOOKING FOR EXTRAS !!!!! Check it out !!!


We are looking to cast the following roles for the film Umbrella. Please check your calendar before you apply.

AUG. 29th 2008 (Friday)
– Squatter Kid (need to have guitar & be able to play)
AUG. 30th 2008 (Saturday)
– Mothers w/ their Children (age 1 – 11)
– Females (age 23-35)
– Males  (age 23-35)
SEPT. 1st 2008 (Monday)
– Party goers (hip, stylish, 21+ only!)
*Please reply with a photo and contact information (email + phone) to*
All ethnicites, no acting experience required, perfect opportunity to get in front of the camera.

To learn more about the Film + Director go to

I bought 2 amazing red umbrellas on Ebay the other day. They are very special but I’ll hold off on saying why….their arrival felt symbolic especially since it seemed to correspond exactly with an email arriving the first donation to the project now that the link on the Film Action site is fixed.

There’s a ton to do…I should stop blogging & start getting organized to pass off some of the responsibilties to some pinch hitting producing support that is coming in next week.

Still really excited about the progress…admittedly, I am a bit distracted because I am concerned about a very talented person in a coma in NY who is close to people who are close to me. The work helps to keep the emotions balanced but if you see me walking down the street, and I seem a little spaced. Now you know why.



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